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Add an Amp to a Factory System

Looking for great sound from your factory radio? Would you like to upgrade your car's sound system to get top-quality, premium sound? Adding an amp to your factory system at Cooper Tint & Electronics is easier than you think!

A line output converter takes amplified speaker-level signals and converts them into high-quality, preamp signals that can be fed to a processor or amplifier. In other words, it lets you create your ideal and dream car audio system without changing or losing your factory controls or features. Many of newer vehicles - like the dash pictured above - are coming equipped with fancy dashboards with loads of features and high-end electronics. We understand that you may not want to change the dash on your brand new vehicle, but you may want better sound and actual heart-felt bass. Adding an amp and subs to these kinds of vehicles is as easy as picking out the equipment you want, adding a line-output converter, and installing the system!


Factory head-units, or radios, do not have the RCA outputs (red & white) that are required to connect an amplifier. A line-output converter solves this issues by converting stock head-unit signals into usable RCA signals for the amp to use. Let the experts at Cooper Tint & Electronics give you premium sound you crave while retaining all your factory features, functions, and aesthetics.