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Here at Cooper Tint & Electronics, we have a mission – we provide awesome audio solutions for our customers and their vehicles! We know you’ll be interested in reading about installations we’ve done. Give us a call if you have questions about any of these projects, or if you’d like to see how we can help you and your vehicle’s audio perform the way you’ve been dreaming of!

Cooper Tint & Electronics Updated Showroom - May 2017

We have been hard at work the last few weeks completely redesigning our showroom. We have brought in a few new products and many new displays. One of the biggest things we have changed is picking up FormulaOne and Vista films in the last few months.

LLumar has "LLumar" films in both automotive and architectural films(for homes and businesses.) The LLumar lines are great films with great warranties and are tried and true in the industry. However, they also have higher end lines for improved comfort and performance. FormulaOne is the higher end automotive line and Vista is the higher end architectural line.

We are one of two shops in Oklahoma City that carry and install FormulaOne for automotive vehicles. We guarantee we have the best prices for all window films, especially FormulaOne!

Check out the video below to see our updated showroom. Come by and see us or call us today to learn how we can change the way you drive your vehicle forever!

JL Audio FiX & TwK F150 - March 2017

The inside of vehicles get nicer every year. They are coming from the factory with great features and great looking radios and dashboards. Even with their great looks, one place the manufacturers always cut costs on is the sound system and the quality of components they use to create the audio in their vehicles. We have so many customers coming in with brand new vehicles that are not happy with the sound in their vehicle that they just bought BUT they don't want to change the radio or look of the dash at all. JL Audio is making some incredible components and processors so we can swap the factory audio equipment for incredible sounding JL equipment - not changing the look of the factory radio or dash - leaving you with crisp and clean audio to have your own personal concert anytime you are in your vehicle.

Check out the video below to see exactly how this is done and what we use to get you the best sounding audio possible.

JL Audio C5 Components
JL Audio FiX-86
JL Audio TwK-88
JL Audio HD 900/5
JL Audio Stealthbox 13TW5

Residential & Commercial Window Tint - February 2017

We offer residential and commercial window tint for many different needs and applications! If you love natural light, but don't like the heat, glare and ultraviolet rays that come with it, then we have window tint for you! If privacy or safety are your concerns, we also have window tint for you! Will have film to solve any problem you may have. The tint process starts with us coming out for our FREE, no obligation quote, when we take measurements, show you samples, and give you exact pricing. Next, you set your appointment, we come out for the install, and that's it! It is time to take back control of your home or business! Check out our residential and commercial window tint pages for more information!

Land Rover LR4 - January 2017

At Cooper Tint & Electronics, we offer top of the line paint protection for a wide variety of vehicles. There is nothing that quite matches the feeling of knowing your car is protected against the every day dangers of paint damage. We understand the fear and frustration that can come from buying a new vehicle in which you take great pride in, only to discover a scratch a short time later. Our goal is to remove the chances of this damage happening with our paint protection packages. We use films that protect your car's surface against the typical cosmetic dangers caused by driving on a daily basis, all while keeping the factory look of your paint and car intact. Learn more on our Paint Protection page.

LLumar Paint Protection shields from:
  • Rocks
  • Road Debris
  • Treatments for snow and ice, such a salt and sand
  • Construction Debris
  • Abrasive cleaners and chemicals

Call us today for pricing and options to protect your car! 405-848-8656

We recently installed Llumar paint protection film on this 2014 Land Rover LR4. Take a look, and see how it's done!

Ford Excursion - December 2016

One of my long-time customers brought in his 00' Ford Excursion for a full security and remote start system. This truck is highly modified and the customer is constantly traveling so his main concern was for every aspect of the vehicle to be protected and to also be able to start the vehicle remotely, which led us to a full Viper Security/Remote start system and a multi HD camera and DVR system. The Viper system the customer decided on was the Viper 5906v with a 2-way color OLED transponder and multiple add-ons. We added a glass break sensor to detect any tampering or breaking of the vehicle's glass, a digital tint motion sensor to protect against wheel theft or the vehicle being raised to be towed, a back-up battery system to keep the security system active even when the vehicle's battery has been cut or disconnected, and lastly SmartStart GPS to be able to control and receive notifications about the vehicle from anywhere in the world as long as cell phone signal is active. Since the vehicle has a diesel engine, I also programmed it to Wait to Start, which will turn the ignition on and wait for the factory Wait to Start light to go out before cranking the engine.

The camera system consists of a DVR system and three full HD cameras. The DVR system can utilize up to four cameras, but in this application we are only using three of the four cameras. I mounted one camera on each side of the overhead console to give a full view of the driver and passenger areas and doors. The third camera is mounted above the rear hatch and gives field of view of the entire interior of the vehicle. The DVR system is mounted in the glove box and is an SD card driven system that can run full-time, only when the ignition is switched on, or to start recording when the G-Sensor picks up impact. The system is set up to be viewed off the Kenwood DNN-990 that I previously installed for the customer, or it can be viewed externally using the SD card.


Overall, the customer was extremely pleased with the security system and he and his vehicle will be protected anywhere that he travels to!

- Tristan

Ford F250 - November 2016

Our customer wanted to upgrade the factory navigation and audio system in a 2011 Ford F250 Lariat King Ranch. The factory system had component speakers in the front & rear and a small 8” subwoofer. Our customer’s main concerns were more volume, more clarity in the system, and much more bass than the factory system provided. He also wanted to add time alignment for “Home Theater Quality” sound. I decided the JL Audio TWK-88 would be best to take the factory radio signals and clean them up while also adding listening position control. This would also benefit EQing the system for best possible sound. I also added the JL FIX-86 to correct time-delayed factory outputs while retaining the factory source unit. The customer and I chose the JL Audio C5-570 components for the speakers and I mounted them in the factory locations. I fed theses speakers with a JL HD 600/4 amplifier (150w x 4). I also placed Dynamat around all four speakers to improve the sound quality. For the subwoofer, the customer chose the JL Audio 13TW5 in the SuperCrew JL Stealthbox. The subwoofer was paired with a JL HD 750/1.

This setup provided fantastic results immediately. A huge benefit of the TWK-88 is its state-of-art digital signal processor that was engineered to provide us with world-class system tuning capabilities. I will be working closely with this customer in the future to tweak and tune this system to achieve even better results!


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