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MAX 360 Platinum: $649

The MAX 360 Platinum form Escort the most advanced, high-end portable radar on the market. It offers intuitive arrows that indicate which direction the source of radar or laser is coming from, providing true 360-degree protection. The MAX 360 also comes equipped with dual antenna on the front and rear that rapidly detect surrounding threats. Escort's Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides extreme range and lighting fast response time. Being the flagship portable detector from Escort, the MAX 360 also has Bluetooth functionality that gives the user access to Escort Live - Escort's award-winning app. Escort Live is a real-time ticket protection network that warns you of upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area, and gives the user access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts.

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Included Accessories:

  • 12 Volt SmartCord
  • Travel Case
  • Magnet Windshield Mount


Solo s3

SOLO S3 Cordless: $329

The Solo S3 is the best cordless radar detector on the market. This radar gives you the features of a high-end radar detector with the convenience of no cords! Just stick the Solo S3 on your windshield and you are good to go, making this unit perfect if you change vehicles often or are in and out of rentals. The Solo S3 is ran off (2) AA batteries, giving you months of use with normal driving protection styles. It has a brilliant OLED display that makes this radar extremely easy to understand and very intuitive to use. The S3 is also equipped with Escort's DSP technology, giving the user the longest warning range possible without constantly false alerting. It also has 9 programmable features, allowing customization of specific driving styles. These programmable features also stay intact even after switching batteries!

Give us a call at 405-848-8656 to talk to one of our radar specialist with any additional questions!

Included Accessories:

  • Travel Case
  • Quick-Release Windshield Mount
  • (2) AA Batteries