Back-up cameras are becoming more essential to drivers everyday. There are approximately 15,000 injuries and 240 deaths annually from back-up accidents. Most victims from these accidents are toddlers 1-2 years old and happen in a residential driveway. Every vehicle has a blind spot when backing up. Cars have a blind spot up to 15 feet while SUV's and trucks have a blind spot up to 25 feet. Shorter drivers have an even greater blind spot.
A professionally installed back-up camera from Cooper Tint & Electronics will keep blind spots visible while backing up, help protect your family, and protect the investment you have made in your vehicle.

We offer many different back-up cameras to suit everybody's needs.
We offer replacement rear-view mirrors
Back-Up Camerathat have a built-in LCD screen to display your cameras view. We also have standalone LCD monitors that can be mounted anywhere you prefer. The cameras themselves can be flush-mounted in the bumper, mounted in a license plate frame, or even installed in a tailgate handle on a truck. We also offer specialty cameras for commercial vehicles that have a wider viewing angle and night viewing capabilities.

Give the experts at Cooper Tint & Electronics a call to speak with one of our specialist about a back-up camera! You can get one installed today for as low as $249 installed.