Here at Cooper Tint & Electronics, we have a mission – we provide awesome audio solutions for our customers and their vehicles! We know you’ll be interested in reading about installations we’ve done. Give us a call if you have questions about any of these projects, or if you’d like to see how we can help you and your vehicle’s audio perform the way you’ve been dreaming of!

Residential and Commercial Window Film is Booming!  - Summer 2018

This summer has been the usual, great Oklahoma summer…and it has been hot!! The Oklahoma summer heat is always a great time for our type of business as people want to get their car windows tinted so they can be more comfortable in their cars while driving around on a hot Oklahoma day.

Llumar Window

The great news is that Oklahomans are now learning how residential and commercial window film can do the same thing for their home or business. We have been very busy at Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics installing not only automotive window film that helps customers feel more comfortable in their cars but we have been doing some incredible installation of Llumar’s window film on many homes and businesses around the OKC metro area as well.

A local high school had been having problems with their east facing classrooms getting so hot their students and teachers were miserable. We were able to solve that problem by installing window film that did not change the appearance of the classroom (interior or exterior) but made a HUGE difference in how the classroom felt by blocking out almost 60% of the heat and glare.

A golf course had been having similar problems in their pro shop and dining area and we were able to install this incredible film and provide rooms were employees and guests were very comfortable while not changing the appearance of the windows so the views of the beautiful course were unchanged.

Llumar’s residential and commercial window film comes with a lifetime warranty, cuts down on the heat and glare significantly and the small investment pays for itself in a short time with the savings on energy.

Many happy customers here in OKC thanks to a great product and our awesome installers!!

Residential and Commercial Window Film is Booming!  - Summer 2018
Residential and Commercial Window Film is Booming!  - Summer 2018
Residential and Commercial Window Film is Booming!  - Summer 2018

Residential and Commercial Window Film is Booming!  - Summer 2018
Residential and Commercial Window Film is Booming!  - Summer 2018
Residential and Commercial Window Film is Booming!  - Summer 2018

Residential and Commercial Window Film is Booming!  - Summer 2018
Residential and Commercial Window Film is Booming!  - Summer 2018
Residential and Commercial Window Film is Booming!  - Summer 2018

Marine Lighting For Your Boat - Show Off Your Stereo Without Making A Sound! – March/April 2018

Marine Lighting or LED accent lighting doesn’t have to be a part of your marine audio system but our customers tell us it sure makes life on their boat a lot more fun!! Strategically placed lighting is just another way to customize your boat and accentuate your audio. The lighting is installed making it safe to move around your boat after dark while giving it a classy, upscale and fun look! It definitely adds life to the party on your boat!!

We can do as little marine lighting as you want...just a couple of speakers or we can do the entire boat which may include every speaker, the tower speakers, in boat speakers, woofers, cup holders, indirect lighting.....let your imagination run wild! We have done it all from one color lights to RGB, multi color lights that change color with the beat of the music. It is great when your marine speakers not only sound terrific but also look awesome too! We love our happy marine lighting customers!


Staying Warm During Cold Oklahoma Winters – January/February 2018

We always know when it turns cold our phones will be ringing off the hook for people wanting to learn about remote starts and how fast they can get one installed on their car. We get it, Viper Remote Starters are great and once you own one, you won’t be able to survive again without it. Starting your car on a cold morning without leaving the warmth of your house is pretty awesome. No more shivering on a cold seat waiting for the heater to kick on. This is not only great for you but also any passengers in your car, especially the little ones. If you park your car outside, the remote starter melts the snow and ice off your car remotely running your defroster, no more scraping for you! Since we can’t do much anymore without our smartphones, with a Viper Smartstart module, you get vehicle security and a remote start system that works with your smartphone. With Smartstart, you can use your smartphone to pre-warm your car, lock and unlock your doors, arm and disarm your vehicle’s security system, open your trunk and even find your car in a crowded parking lot…all using your smartphone. Pretty cool stuff! We love helping to make our cold and windy winters a little more bearable for our customers.

Viper Smartstart
Viper Smartstart
Viper Smartstart

How to Protect Your Vehicle - November/December 2017

This month, we were fortunate enough to have a customer bring his 2016 McLaren 650s in for a massive protection package. We installed a full K40 system to give him 360 degree protection from radars and lasers. We also installed LLumar paint protection on just about every inch of this car. Every inch of the front end, the full fenders, the full doors, the entire roof, and the rear fenders and engine compartment area are totally covered in Platinum Paint Protection film. Say goodbye to rock chips and and paint scratches! Finally, we put Stratos window film on it to give the best heat rejection possible AND to protect the handcrafted interior from any damage by UV rays.

This car is a MASTERPIECE - and it will stay that way. This beast can handle anything the road throws its way while it's ripping down Oklahoma roads.

Check out the full video below to see our incredible installers go to work on this beautiful car!

Stratos Window Tint on Bentley Continental GT - September 2017

At Cooper Tint & Electronics, we are so blessed to be able to say that we have been serving Oklahoma for 50 years!

There are so many benefits to having your windows tinted. It cuts down on the heat that can enter the vehicle, it protects your skin from harmful UV rays, and it even protects your interior from being damaged and faded from UV rays. We are the only shop in Oklahoma installing Stratos by FormulaOne. It is the best of the best when it comes to window films. It has a new Hybrid Matrix technology that blocks up to 97% of the Infrared Heat which the heat you actually feel when you are sitting in your car. This film is from the future!

We tint windows on just about anything! Honda Civics - Done! Mercedes Sedan - Done! Homes - Done! Exotic Bentley Continental GT - Done! It doesn't matter what vehicle you bring us.. we will treat it like it's our own.

This is a quick little edit we threw together to showcase our expert window tint technicians installing film on a new Bentley GT! Check it out!

Don't settle when you can have the best in Oklahoma. We have been doing this longer than anybody else and we treat all of our customers like family and serve them with outstanding Cooper Quality! Come by and see us today!


Window tinting has become an insanely popular and important part of Cooper's business over the past couple of decades. Many of our customers come in for window tint JUST to change the appearance of their vehicle. But when we tell them all the things a high quality window film can do for them and their vehicle, they are often totally blown away. Here are 7 reasons for why we STRONGLY suggest that you get your windows tinted.


Window tint will decrease the amount of heat that is able to get inside your vehicle. Films we use from FormulaOne and LLumar can block up to 97% of the infrared heat (which is the heat you actually feel) from getting inside your vehicle. These products will drastically decrease the time your AC system has to work to cool down your vehicle. A sweet byproduct of this is increasing the lifespan of your AC system from it working less!


As stated above, reducing the interior heat can drastically reduce the use of your cars AC system, providing you energy savings - mainly better gas mileage, resulting in a savings at the gas pump! Who wouldn't want that?!


Reduce the fading of the interior of your vehicle! All of the window films that we use block at least 99% of Ultraviolet Rays, and some block more than 99% of UV Rays. UV rays are what fades out your carpet, seats, door panels, dashboards, wood trim, and other interior components. Reducing the fading of these components increases their life, as well as keeps the interior of your vehicle in better shape, giving you a higher resell value later!


Reduce risks to your health while driving! Exposure to the sun is known to cause potential health risks to the eyes and skin. By blocking 99% of UV Rays, window film acts as a "sunscreen", shielding you and your family from harmful sun exposure while driving - something you risk every single day.


All of the films we use offer glare reduction, some offering as much as 95% glare reduction. Glares while driving can totally blind your vision and create a seriously dangerous situation. Don't risk a serious accident due to glares.


Window film can increase the security and safety of your vehicle. In an accident, windows without film can shatter into thousands of tiny shards. Window film can act to hold the glass together in the event of an accident. It can also slow a thief down who is trying to shatter a window to break in.


Window film subjectively improves appearance! We have films and shades to satisfy any needs or desires! If you want something legally dark for privacy, we can do it! If you don't want to change the appearance but want to gain the benefits of everything listed above, we also have a film for you!


2017 marks 50 YEARS that Cooper Tint & Electronics has been proudly serving Oklahoma. All of our installers have years of experience and training that is unbeatable. We guarantee the best prices for films, and we will match if you find the same film else where cheaper. We are also one of LLumar's Select Pro Dealers, meaning that you are choosing an unparalleled shopping and installation experience, all backed by the industry's best LIFETIME WARRANTY! Don't settle when you can have the best!

Come see us at Cooper today!

8001 N Rockwell Ave
OKC, OK 73132

Full Harman Kardon System Overhaul in Mini Cooper - June 2017

Tristan recently had a customer with a new Mini Cooper come in wanting to overhaul and replace his entire factory Harman Kardon system. Harman Kardon systems like this are always deeply integrated into the vehicle making this install very time consuming and everything had to be planned and executed perfectly. Another huge concern of the customer was to still be able to use the back cargo area for cargo AND he wanted everything to look like it was from the factory. Tristan custom fabricated a box to house the JL Audio subwoofer (with the prefect air space spec) AND act as an amp rack for the Alpine amplifiers and the DSP signal processor. The entire box and rack are stored under a custom piece to keep everything hidden and to keep the factory look retained. He also installed two sets of Gladen speakers in the factory locations to drastically improve the mids and highs of the system.

Check out the video below to see the sub box and amp rack being fabricated, as well as Tristan walking you through the entire process.

At Cooper Tint & Electronics we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers anything from a simple speaker swap and amp install, to a full overhaul of factory systems with any custom fabrication you can dream up.

We take your dream system and turn them into a reality that will change the way you drive forever!

Give us a call today! 405-848-8656

Cooper Tint & Electronics Updated Showroom - May 2017

We have been hard at work the last few weeks completely redesigning our showroom. We have brought in a few new products and many new displays. One of the biggest things we have changed is picking up FormulaOne and Vista films in the last few months.

LLumar has "LLumar" films in both automotive and architectural films(for homes and businesses.) The LLumar lines are great films with great warranties and are tried and true in the industry. However, they also have higher end lines for improved comfort and performance. FormulaOne is the higher end automotive line and Vista is the higher end architectural line.

We are one of two shops in Oklahoma City that carry and install FormulaOne for automotive vehicles. We guarantee we have the best prices for all window films, especially FormulaOne!

Check out the video below to see our updated showroom. Come by and see us or call us today to learn how we can change the way you drive your vehicle forever!

JL Audio FiX & TwK F150 - March 2017

The inside of vehicles get nicer every year. They are coming from the factory with great features and great looking radios and dashboards. Even with their great looks, one place the manufacturers always cut costs on is the sound system and the quality of components they use to create the audio in their vehicles. We have so many customers coming in with brand new vehicles that are not happy with the sound in their vehicle that they just bought BUT they don't want to change the radio or look of the dash at all. JL Audio is making some incredible components and processors so we can swap the factory audio equipment for incredible sounding JL equipment - not changing the look of the factory radio or dash - leaving you with crisp and clean audio to have your own personal concert anytime you are in your vehicle.

Check out the video below to see exactly how this is done and what we use to get you the best sounding audio possible.

JL Audio C5 Components
JL Audio FiX-86
JL Audio TwK-88
JL Audio HD 900/5
JL Audio Stealthbox 13TW5

Residential & Commercial Window Tint - February 2017

We offer residential and commercial window tint for many different needs and applications! If you love natural light, but don't like the heat, glare and ultraviolet rays that come with it, then we have window tint for you! If privacy or safety are your concerns, we also have window tint for you! Will have film to solve any problem you may have. The tint process starts with us coming out for our FREE, no obligation quote, when we take measurements, show you samples, and give you exact pricing. Next, you set your appointment, we come out for the install, and that's it! It is time to take back control of your home or business! Check out our residential and commercial window tint pages for more information!

Land Rover LR4 - January 2017

At Cooper Tint & Electronics, we offer top of the line paint protection for a wide variety of vehicles. There is nothing that quite matches the feeling of knowing your car is protected against the every day dangers of paint damage. We understand the fear and frustration that can come from buying a new vehicle in which you take great pride in, only to discover a scratch a short time later. Our goal is to remove the chances of this damage happening with our paint protection packages. We use films that protect your car's surface against the typical cosmetic dangers caused by driving on a daily basis, all while keeping the factory look of your paint and car intact. Learn more on our Paint Protection page.

LLumar Paint Protection shields from:

  • Rocks
  • Road Debris
  • Treatments for snow and ice, such a salt and sand
  • Construction Debris
  • Abrasive cleaners and chemicals
Call us today for pricing and options to protect your car! 405-848-8656

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